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What is GURPS Character Assistant (aka GCA)? It's a program for creating and maintaining characters for the GURPS role-playing game. Click right here and we'll tell you more.

Support for previous versions of GCA, versions 2 or 3, has been moved to here.

As GCA 4 is now published by Steve Jackson Games, current versions of the program can be purchased and updated from them.

GCA may be available on CD from your local game store (but is currently out of print at SJGames), but your best option is to buy it from e23, Steve Jackson Games' online store for downloads. If you buy from e23, not only do you get it cheaper ($5 less!), but as long as you create an account there, you'll always be able to replace your lost copy by downloading another, just as you used to do from me. You probably can't do that if you lose the CD you bought at the store.

December 4, 2017

It's been pointed out that I don't mention anything about the next version of GCA here at all. Sorry about that!

Right now, I'm calling the next version GCA5. It's actively under development, whenever I have time to devote to it. I think it's looking pretty good right now.

I have no estimated release date at this time. There's simply no possible way for me to predict when I may or may not have a lot of time to devote to GCA, and predictable time is the only way I can make an estimate that matters. Plus, there always seems to be something more to look at adding or fixing.

I maintain a GCA5 blog where I post release notes as I create new builds, and occasionally post previews or other related items. Check it out if you want to stay current on how things are going, or what's coming up. I'll make sure any official announcements about GCA5 are mentioned there, too.

March 7, 2017

New! on the Docs & Help page: some Linux help.

Thanks to The Dungeon Master on Discord for some guidance on getting GCA 4 to run on Linux using Wine or Crossover.



December 30, 2016

New! on the Character Sheets page: the Discworld sheet.

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